Friday, May 29, 2015

Eberron's Changelings for Heroes & Other Worlds

It's been a while since I posted anything HOW-related, so I figured I'd do a little work on that. As an aside, despite having abandoned my previous plan for posts, I am going to type up part 2 of The Tome of Terrors and Treasures review before next Friday. Anyway, onto business.
Changelings are Humanoids with Doppelganger ancestors somewhere in their family tree. For further info I suggest checking out Races of Eberron. It provides more info on Eberron's unique races (Changelings, Shifters, Warforged) and new cultures for classic races like Elves, Orcs, and Halflings.

Game rules:

Changeling NPC Statistics
#: 1d3
ST: 8-10
DX: 10 (8)
IQ: 8
EN: 0
MV: 5
Behavior: Unpredictable (10)
Habitat: Any Urban or Wilderness
AR: -2 (Leather)
DM: 1D6 (Dagger)
SP: multiple

Changelings as characters
- +2 IQ on tests to resist sleep and charm effects
- +2 IQ on Detect/Tell Lies tests.
- Minor Change Shape: Changelings can subtly alter their physical appearance. This ability functions as the Disguise Self spell (Magi Carta 29) but it only affects the Changeling's body and voice, not clothing or equipment. This change is also not an illusion but real physical change. It costs 2 EN and takes a full 5-second turn for a Changeling to change form. Once complete, the Changeling remain in her new form until she changes again or is killed. True Seeing (Magi Carta 135) reveals a Changeling's natural form. When using her ability to create a disguise, a Changeling gets +6 IQ on Act/Disguise tests.

Hopefully my conversion skills haven't atrophied too badly :v


  1. Good stuff Buzzclaw-glad to see you back!

  2. What would be the EN for a PC Changling...still 0?

    1. @Matthew: Good question. I was mimicking the style of ToTaT which gives all NPCs 0 EN (specifically, I was referencing the Dwarf entry). So Changeling PCs should have EN just as a Dwarf or Elf does. I'm debating whether to add/change some of the rules text to make it more explicit.

      @Brandon: Thanks for the kind words!