Sunday, July 19, 2015

Circuits & Sorcery?

Recently, a rather strange idea has been kicking around in my head. A savage world where a once-mighty and amazingly advanced race ruled the land until a mighty cataclysm sent their empire tumbling down. Now, the descendants of those ancient overlords emerge from their crumbling ruins to recover the wisdom (and treasure) of the ancients. The twist? The ancients and their descendants are robots.

I was thinking more along the lines of Generation 1 but this image also works.

Essentially, the concept is Transformers meets Dungeons & Dragons. The robots from notCybertron landed on some colony world but then a "plasma storm" or some such destroyed their infrastructure. Nonsentient drones evolved into robotic prey; some of the sentient robots were mutated into horrible biomechanical mutants. Instead of Halflings, Humans, and Dwarves there are Minibots (change into small cars, scouts/stealthy), Chargers (change into sportscars, balanced), and Convoys (change into trucks, leadership/support). Instead of alignments I could have factions.

I originally thought about hacking Basic D&D for this; but reading Dungeon World has piqued my interest in Powered by The Apocalypse as an engine, although the specific "Transformers + D&D" idea I have probably wouldn't work as well under it. I still need to refine this concept.