Saturday, July 8, 2017

Some Superhero Stuff

Yep, I'm back. Not doing much better than the last time I posted though. Anyway, superheroes! Been on a bit of cape kick for the past few days. I have occasional shifts in my hobbies - D&D to comics to Transformers and back again. Oh well.

First, I've got a new DC Adventures/Mutants and Masterminds 3e page. The first write-up is Wolverine statted at Power Level 10 and coming in 150 pp, perfect for a PC pregen. I tried to make him fairly rounded while still trying to reflect his history. His complications on his older self (not Old Man Logan) before he suddenly got ALL of his memories back, with a dash of X-Men (the first movie). You could also use those stats to represent Daken or X-23/All-New Wolverine. If you're using him in a DC setting you could change Department H to Project Cadmus or add Department H as an offshoot/rival of it.

Next, I've got a Marvel Heroic Roleplaying page. Right it's only got two files, web enhancements for the core rulebook that stat Thor and The Hulk. I'm putting them up here because it took me 24ish hours of googling to find the damn things and I figured this would be easier for others. Homebrew stuff will eventually show up too.

That's all for now, happy gaming.