Saturday, February 17, 2018

Three-Pack of New Free Stuff

Been a minute but I've got some new material for y'all. Affiliate links ahoy although I'm not sure I even know how to link them correctly.

First is Abomination Appendix Volume I which converts several D&D 3e and Pathfinder to OSR stats. I wanted to make a more elaborate Monstrous Compendium-style write-up for each monster but I got writers' block. The appendix features:
  • Burrowers from Bastards & Bloodlines
  • Cave giants from Bestiary 3
  • Kongamoto from Nyambe
  • Merrow from D&D 5e (one of the few "new" ideas the 5e SRD made OGC)
  • Miasma serpent and avesa rakshasa from 101 Variant Monsters
  • Tunnel brutes (lawyer-friendly umber hulks) from The Iconic Bestiary
Volume II will probably tackle Green Ronin's eye kings.

Next is one that needs explaining. A guy called Skerples wrote this thing called the Monster Menu-All with rules on what happens when you eat 1e Monster Manual creatures (unfortunately he uses some homebrew hipster trash for his rules so it's less useful than it could be). We run in similar circles and someone half-jokingly dared him to do something similar for Supplement IV: Gods, Demi-gods, and Heroes. He backed out but I seized upon the idea. Now with Gods, Demigods, & H'orderves Volume I with your PCs can get cool powers from eating the Olympian gods. Incidentally, my opening blurb is an homage to this line that prefaced the RTF download for Legends & Lore on the WOTC Previous Edition Downloads page:
"There comes a desperate moment when every hero looks skyward in search of divine favor, when he raises his arms to the heavens and calls upon the cruel fates to spare his life. Who hears him?"
Last but not least is a Human racial class for B/X and Labyrinth Lord, the fruit of a old post I made a while ago. The art in the PDF is by Luigi Castellani and it's from the Scarlet Heroes Art Pack. I recommend it and all the other Sine Nomine art packs to anyone looking for free art, although there's a lack of "traditional" medieval European subject matter.