OSR Downloads

Stuff I've made for OSR (i.e. primarily TSR D&D and close derivatives)


DUNGEON PLANET preview edition - part of an outer space megadungeon suitable for level 1-3 characters.

HELL METRO - a 0-level funnel inspired by 80s/90s Japanese media. The rules are OSR-based but differ from published rulesets so you'll need to homebrew if you want to continue to level 1+

IN THE CLUTCHES OF THE COMPUTER-GOD - An unfinished Labyrinth Lord I have no interest in completing.

VILE VENGEANCE OF THE BEES - bees discover metallurgy. Bloodshed ensues. Probably best for levels 2-5.

Bestiaries, Monsters, etc.

Abomination Appendix Volume I - A collection of converted creatures with a slight underground theme: Burrowers, cave giants, kongamoto, merrow (5e version), miasma serpent, avesa rakshasa, tunnel brute.

Abomination Appendix Volume II - Featuring OGL versions of the Monster Manual 2's Pseudo Undead: False ghasts, ghouls, liches, mummies, skeletons, specters, vampires, wights, and wraiths.

Abomination Appendix Volume III - Three new dragons: Brown, orange, and sea. Appendix of the appendix is unfinished and sea dragons kinda suck but oh well.

Abomination Appendix Volume IV - OGL version of Monster Manual 2/Fiend Folio monsters: Bua, fellknight, lulushou, reverse troll, slime maiden, strangler gnome.

AD&D monster list with OGL status, sources, and alternatives - What it says in the title. Features both OSR and non-OSR OGL sources.  Currently on 9th revision.

Baatezu, Greater, Uniila - converted from Pathfinder

Frost Fir - converted from Pathfinder

Gods, Demigods, & H'orderves Volume I - Have your PCs wanted to eat members of the Olympian Pantheon? Now they can!

Leonin, Mirrodin - converted from Magic: the Gathering

Rakshasa, Amanusya - converted from Pathfinder

Shabti - converted from Pathfinder

Sphinx, Cyno- - converted from Pathfinder

Zombie, Mirrodin - converted from Magic: the Gathering

Classes & Races

The Dynonik - Deinonychus-folk for B/X

The Human - The long-lost B/X racial class.

Settings & Places

PLANES OF GARBAGE - satire of artsy-fartsy "OSR" books or a work of high art masquerading as a satire of artsy-fartsy "OSR" books? You decide.

Sanctuary - a demi-plane that serves as a "traditional" starting area for weird settings.


Barbarian or Humanoid Tribal Name Generator - includes 5 sample tribes.

Guns - One-page (technically half-page )firearm rules. Features art!

RUNES - mini-supplement for magic runes.

Terrors & Wonders v0.1 - abandoned not-quite OSR game
Terrors & Wonders v0.0

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