Saturday, February 21, 2015

Plan of Attack

Sorry for the lack of activity on the blog, this semester has been jam-packed.

I figured it'd be best for me to post what my next entries will be both as a preview for my few readers and as to-do list for myself. So, in the near future I will write about (in order):
-the Elves of my Taurion Effel setting (currently 80% written up)
-part 2 of the Tome of Terrors and Treasures  review
-some thoughts on the Unisystem game rules
-Cauldron #1 review
-my issues with the "oldschool" approach to finding traps in RPGs
-part 3 of the Tome of Terrors and Treasures  review
-GURPS 3e JoJo or Madoka Magica conversions? Both? I dunno.
-Finish up the conversions of Fantasy Folk to Heroes & Other Worlds

And I guess I should do a review or two of some comics that have made an impression on me.

See y'all later this week.