Thursday, December 29, 2016

Terrors & Wonders RPG

I've been fiddling around with RPGs to distract myself from some real life stuff. I wrote up a new game called called Terrors & Wonders (there should be a link to the page to the right, under the search bar). I'd argue that it's sorta OSR-ish. It's still a WIP.

-only 3 ability scores (Body, Mind, Soul) with B/X modifiers
-humans are currently the only playable race
-3 classes (Fighter, Rogue, Wizard)
-roll-under ability checks replace saves
-wizards cast spells spontaneously (like 3.x sorcerers) and don't need to use gestures and words
-there are only 3 types of melee weapons, 5 types of ranged weapons, 3 types of armor, and 2 types of shields
-uses 5e's Advantage and Disadvantage mechanics
-spells come mainly from the Pathfinder SRD but level-dependent effects have been removed
-monster format is a cross between AD&D and 3.x

Hope you guys find some of the material interesting enough to steal borrow.

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