Saturday, January 14, 2017

Black Streams + Dungeon Crawl Classics: Brainstorming

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This post is a set of conversion(?) notes for using Black Streams and Dungeon Crawl Classics. Black Streams is a supplement for Labyrinth Lord but it was apparently expanded and polished into Scarlet Heroes (which I'm probably going to buy soon). I'm pretty sure you could use Black Streams with almost any class- and level- system including D&D 5e and Pathfinder, but why would you play Pathfinder? :^) 

Let's dive in.

Starting Character(s): I'd recommend letting the player roll up 5 level-0 characters for funnels. 

Fray Die: The first departure we going to have to make from Black Streams is the Fray Die. This one is kinda dicey. Usually, the PC gets to roll a Fray Die and deal damage to an enemy with equal or less HD than himself. For level-0 characters this would mean other PCs and NPC villagers. But if one player is controlling all the level-0 PCs he really isn't going to use his Fray Die against his own PCs barring possession/insanity/whatever and slaughtering droves of peasants is a weird situation that probably won't come up either. In any case, if the GM decides to allow the Fray Die it's 1d4 for level-0 characters.

Defy Death: Level-0 characters can Defy Death as outlined in Black Streams but they roll a 1d6 damage die for their first attempt, 1d8 for their second, and 1d10 for all subsequent attempts. Keep in mind that DCC funnels tend to have a shitload of instadeath encounters. Spellcasters can use Defy Death to avoid Corruption and/or Patron Taint but they have can only avoid one or the other with a single Defy Death use; in another words, if a caster gets both Corruption and Patron Taint at the same time he needs to Defy Death twice to reject them (once for Corruption and one for Taint).

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