Friday, December 12, 2014

Developing an RPG 1: The Fluff

I've been sporadically working for two months on a roleplaying game  tentatively titled Wrath of The Giants! It's mainly a creative exercise just to see if I can make something that works. In the game the Chaotic Giants are the protagonists and the horrible Law-spreading mortals are the antagonists. It's supposed to be a pretty rules-light affair but we'll see how it goes.

The first thing I'd like to share is the history I've thought up for the setting. I'm going to skim/summarize a lot of parts to keep it brief.


I'll start with the gods. The gods had existed since time immemorial, their generations countless and their origin long forgotten. The were nourished by the [legendary super awesome god fruit tree] but as time went on, the tree bore less and less fruit. Fearing starvation, they rounded up their best artisans and commissioned them to make a new food source. The artisans made what would be The World.

The World in its early stages was wracked with horrific natural disasters of every type as elements melded together. Terrified by the energies they sensed from The World, the gods kept their distance while greedily gobbling up its energy.

From the energy unleashed by The World's birth throes, the giants arose. The World began to slowly drift into slumber. For centuries or even millennia, the giants ruled all. They created writing, art, cities, and sailing. The giants lived in a paradise.

At this point, some of the gods gathered up courage to survey The World and see if anything was broken during the early cataclysms. What they found were these things crawling around in their food and messing with it. The godlings attacked the giants and were rebuffed. This is the event that starts the enmity between gods and giants.

After this, the artisans noticed that instead of being Lawful Cheesy, the energy the gods are consuming is actually Chaotic Ranch flavor; the gods worry that at best this extra helping of Chaos will mutate them and that at worst it will make them explode. The only thing that can explain this imbalance is the giants, so they have to go.

Using blood from the giants, the gods made animals to restore the balance and hunt the giants. Unfortunately, they were rather unskilled in making life so the animals ended up just being animals instead of super disposable giant-slaying machines. The one boon the gods did gain was one they hadn't engineered: A giant ate animals after watching predators hunting, then spread the custom to his tribe, who spread it to other tribes, etc. This introduced hunger to the giants and forced them to eat regularly.

In spite of this, making animals was a huge mistake since the psychic energy the produced congealed with nascent godstuff used to create The World and birthed the fey. The fey are the creations and creators of magic; their ranks include creatures like elves, fairies, minotaurs, satyrs, etc. Naturally, the fey and the giants came into conflict. Eventually the giants realized that fey couldn't (or wouldn't) leave and the two settled into an uneasy peace.

The gods once again started panicking as they noticed that their sustenance was now the equivalent of a Double Bacon Chaosburger with extra Chaos on the side and sent more godlings in to seize fey and giant specimens. Using their new and improved knowledge, the gods created the ultimate fey-and-giant exterminators, the dragons. Unfortunately, although they could create a soul that would return to them for reuse when the dragon was slain, they had no way to hardwire their desires into the dragons.

Dragons have one fatal flaw: They are insatiably curious. Fey and giants quickly learned to bribe dragons with curios, folk tales, gossip, songs, and anything or everything else. Nevertheless, the mere presence of dragons managed to tip the scale of The World's alignment very slightly toward Law.

The gods next attempt to purge the giants and fey were the orcs. The orcs were supposed to be swarm fighters, weak but numerous. It took only a few generations for the orcs to abandon their mission.

The gods made more races like goblins, dwarves, and especially humans who managed to defeat much of giant and fey forces and purge other god-made creatures that abandoned their directives.
Where once the giants ruled the whole world, they now skulk in inhospitable mountain peaks, magma chambers, caves, and swamps.


In Wrath of The Giants! the giants are the dying remnants of a great civilization desperately striking out against their enemies to avenge their ancestors and display their unyielding defiance.

I think I've got the lore portion of the game down, next comes the rules.

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