Wednesday, June 17, 2015


This week, I ordered Dungeon World and a "Very Good" copy of Thri-kreen of Athas from Amazon. The books got here a day early. I was pumped. The Thri-kreen book wasn't "Very Good" by any means but I was willing to let it slide. That is, until I noticed that it was missing the big poster it was supposed to come with.  Now I have a different copy on the way and I'll be dropping off the poster-less copy for a return.

Dungeon World certainly looks interesting but I'm not feeling the limited race selection for class (something that can easily be fixed with homebrews) or the 5-point alignment axis.

I find myself wanting the D&D Rules Cyclopedia and the Dragonlance: Fifth Age books: Unfortunately, they're way too expensive ($65 for a ratty copy of the RC on Amazon). This is a shame since the RC seems to be one of the best D&D rulesets and the SAGA system sounds quite interesting. Strangely, a lot of books that I want but seem to recall being unpopular fetch high prices, like the Maztica Campaign Setting or Kara-Tur. Maybe I was mislead by a vocal minority. I might breakdown and grab the AD&D 2e core rulebooks since they're all dirt cheap except for the Monstrous Manual.

I'm working on some Heroes & Other Worlds rules that I'll submit to C. R. Brandon for inclusion in a future Cauldron issue. I'm also going to take a crack at converting Warforged and Shifters to HOW. I expect Shifters to be a headache.

I keep debating on whether I should force myself to expand the scope of posts beyond just gaming; I like plenty of other non-gaming nerd stuff but I seem to have settled into just posting gaming things. What a bother.

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