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Flumphs for Unisystem Classic and Heroes & Other Worlds

This is a very special and crunchy post dedicated to Flumphs. Flumphs always struck me as interesting since they were one of the few monstrous or bizarre creatures that were also Good-aligned. Although I'm not a fan of Pathfinder I do like like the spin that Misfit Monster Revisted put on Flumphs, turning them into friendly eldritch abominations that basically help mortals resist the evil plans of Great Old Ones. Maybe they worship Kthanid?

Unisystem Classic

These are rules for Flumphs using the Unisystem Classic system from games like Terra Primate and All Flesh Must Be Eaten. I think I did a good job on the supporting cast entry and the two new powers but I'm not happy with the Flumph racial quality or the Unusual Diet vulnerability.

Flumph (Supporting Cast)

Str 2 Dex 5 Con 2 Int 2 Per 3 Will 2
Life Points 26 
Endurance Points 23
Speed 2 mph (Walking)/14 mph (Flying) 
Essence Pool 16

Skills: None

Attack: Sting D4 x 2 (4) + Poison (Strength 1): Armor Value D4 (2) [Natural]

Qualities/Drawbacks: Attractiveness -4, Minority 3, Physical Disability (No legs); Honorable 3 or Zealot

Powers/Vulnerabilities: Extended Activity Cycle 1, Fly 1 [Atlas of the Walking Dead], Shortened Sleep Cycle 1 [see below], Unusual Diet (substance only; once a week; uncommon [70% pure minerals]) [see below], Venom 1 (Terra Primate)

Metaphysics: None.

Gear: Usually none.

3-point Racial Quality
  • Dex +3, Per +1
  • Flumphs have a natural sting attack that deals D4 x Strength damage. The sting also extrudes a Strength 1 (1 damage) corrosive poison (see below)
  • Flumphs have D4 natural armor.
  • Flumphs have four levels in the Attractiveness and three levels in the Minority drawbacks, and a 4-point Physical Disability (no legs). Flumphs must also select either a 3-point Honorable or Zealot drawback
  • Flumphs possess one level of the Extended Activity Cycle and Shortened Sleep Cycle powers (see New Powers and Vulnerabilities below), one level of the Fly power (Atlas of the Walking Dead 101), and one level of the Venom power (Terra Primate 168).
  • Flumphs have a 5-point Unusual Diet (substance only; once a week; uncommon [70% pure minerals]) vulnerability (see New Powers and Vulnerabilities below).

New Powers and Vulnerabilities

Extended Activity Cycle
Variable Physical Power
For every level of this quality, a character can stay up longer without having to sleep. Each level of this power increases the character's activity cycle by x1.5. For example, a character without this power must sleep 7 hours out of every 24-hour period (AFMBE Core Rulebook 114); a character with one level of this power must sleep 7 hours out of every 36-hour period and a character with two levels needs to sleep 7 hours out of every 54-hour period. This power costs 4 points per level.

Shortened Sleep Cycle
Variable Physical Power
For every level of this power, the character's required sleep time per 24-hour period is cut in half. So one level in this quality would mean the character only needs 3.5 hours (210 minutes) of sleep per 24 hours instead of the usual 7 (AFMBE Core Rulebook 114), and two levels would mean that the character only requires 1.75 hours (105 minutes) of sleep per 24 hours. This power costs 3 points per level.

Unusual Diet
Variable Physical Vulnerability
A character with this vulnerability must consume an unusual substance to avoid starvation (One of The Living 71). To determine this vulnerability's point value, add the values listed below for the appropriate Exclusivity, Frequency, and Availability. If the value of this vulnerability ends up as a number below 0, round up to 0.
  • Exclusivity: Whether or not normal food can satisfy the character. For 0 point the character can consume twice the usual amount of normal food to sate his hunger instead of eating his substance of choice. For 1 points the character must not only eat normal food but must also eat his substance; an inability to eat either will cause starvation. For 2 points, the character can only receive nutrients from the substance.
  • Frequency: How often the character must consume the substance. For 0 points, it must be consumed once every two weeks, every month, etc. For 1 point it must be consumed once every week (seven days). For 2 points it must be consumed at least twice a week. For 3 points it must be consumed once every 48 hours. For 4 points it must be consumed at least once daily.
  • Availability: How difficult it is to obtain the substance. An ubiquitous substance like tree bark, dirt, or grass is worth -5 points. A common substance can be found with relative ease but there's still some effort involved, for example the bark of specific kinds of trees, chicken bones, fresh mud; this is worth 1 point. An Uncommon substance can generally only be found in specific areas or specific times like certain minerals or fresh cow's blood; this is worth 2 points. A rare substance can only be obtained from specialized merchants or dubiously legal means, like fresh Human blood or Orc meat; such a substance is worth 3 points. A very rare substance is highly illegal and unlikely to be sold even in black markets, for example fresh Human or Elf brains; this is worth 5 points.
For example, an Unusual Diet that is exclusive to the substance (2), must be eaten once a week (1), and uses a very rare substance (5) is a 8-point vulnerability while an Unusual Diet that is in addition to normal food (1), must only be consumed once a month (0), and requires an ubiquitous substance (-5) is 0-point vulnerability.

Heroes & Other Worlds

These rules are for C. R. Brandon's Heroes & Other Worlds.

Flumph (NPC stats)
#: 1d3
ST: 8-10
DX: 10 (8)
IQ: 8
EN: 0
MV: 5
Behavior: Unpredictable (10)
Habitat: Any Urban or Wilderness
AR: -2 (Natural armor)
DM: 1D4 (Sting)
SP: multiple (see below)

Flumphs as Characters
- +4 DX, +2 IQ, No EN
- Natural Weapons: Flumphs have a Stinger that deals 1D4 damage.
- Natural Armor: A Flumph's tough hide gives it -2 AR
- When crawling, a Flumph has MV 1; when hovering/flying a Flumph has MV 6. A Flumph produces no noise while hovering and can hover or fly indefinitely as long as it's conscious.
- Unusual Physiology: A Flumph can't wear boots or gloves. They also cannot wear armor since it impedes their air flow. However, Flumphs may also wield up to six-magical rings at once.
-Stench Spray: A Flumph may shoot a stream of foul-smelling liquid every 1d4 turns. The Flumph makes a ranged attack: if it succeeds, the target must make a 3/ST test or be sickened for 1d4 turns.

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