Wednesday, May 19, 2021

What I would like to run

 It's been a while. I've been through some exciting stuff since I last posted. The woman I though loved me and my money turned out just to love my money, my family has gone from wanting me to get a job and move out to not get a job and stay, I quit work twice, and my dog is dying of cancer. I probably should euthanize him but he's fighting; I'd rather respect his struggles and help him against the inevitable. Of course, once he dies (which should only be a few more months now), I have no real reason to live with my family anymore so I plan on becoming a drifter/homeless. 

So, if I were not about to become an American Nomad, I would start an open table D&D game at my LGS.

· The ruleset would be either Holmes or Moldvay Basic D&D. Retroclones may be easier to access and "readable" but from an advert perspective, any version of D&D is going to draw more interest than a knock-off of Old D&D.

· The setting would be built around B2 and Geoff McKinney's Mikeverse (Mike's Dungeons, Mike's Dungeons: The Deep Levels, Mike's Wilderness: The Forsaken Wilderness Beyond).

· About 6 1st-level pregens (for dungeons) and 6 5th-level pregens (for wilderness) who would be reserved for drop-in/new/first-timer players. New ones would be created as the pregens get killed off or level up.

· Taking a page from Mutants & Magic, both characters and players gain XP, although this is tracked separately. This rewards people who tend to drop in a lot but want to make their own characters later. 

I'm seriously considering running even with my gloomy future looming. At least it'd kill some time, right?


  1. Yes. Run it. It'll help get you back into your normal shoes and clear your head. May or may not change what you of next - but even if it doesn't, it'll help you execute on them with reason at the forefront.

    Plus, I want to read your play reports. Delve on, brother!

    1. My plans are still on the table and I'm not sure I'll drop the cash for all those materials, but I've resolved to try an open table game at my LGS once they move (which is before June 1st), Thanks for the encouragement.