Monday, January 4, 2016

Death Dogs for Heroes & Other Worlds

"Death dogs are large two-headed hounds which are distinguished by their penetrating double bark. Death dogs hunt in large packs. [. . .] There is an 85% chance that death dogs will attack humans on sight." - AD&D Monstrous Compendium Volume One

"Death Dogs are ruthless predators. Those who travel in their territory learn to listen for the double bark bark that heralds a pack's approach." - D&D 3.0 Fiend Folio

"Death dogs are two-headed, mastiff-like hounds, nocturnal killing machines that hunt their prey without hesitation across the desert sands and wastelands. Death dog packs have been known to share territory with little friction, although they do engage in dominance battles in leaner times when hunting is difficult." - Tome of Horrors Complete

Death Dog
# Encountered: 1 or 1D12
ST: 13
EN: 0
MV: 7
Behavior: Agressive (14)
Habitat: Any warm desert, hill, plains, or underground.
AR: -1 (Natural Armor)
DM:1D10 (bites)
SP: Disease
TR: 0

Disease: A non-Death Dog creature dealt damage by a Death Dog's bites must make a 3/ST test or contract a terrible rotting disease. Every day the afflicted creature's total EN decreases by 1D2; if this would reduce EN to less than 0, apply the reduction to ST instead. This disease can only be cured by magic. At the GM's discretion any Cure spell (see Magi Carta) has a 50% chance to cure this disease.

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