Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Recommended comic reading: AXIS Hobgoblin limited series

We live an era when cape comics are oversaturated with Big Events. Most of the time these events are quite frankly utter shit like DC's Trinity War or Marvel's Original Sin. But sometimes, we get a legitimately entertaining event. Right now, Marvel's Axis is one such event. Despite a lackluster prelude and beginning, it's really entertaining so far. Due to a botched spell several heroes and villains have had personality inversions: they haven't quite gone 1005 good or evil but they exhibit either much nobler or ignobler behavior. One of the best things to come out of these inversions is the change in Roderick Kingsley, the Hobgoblin. Before the inversion he would franchise out old villain identities to upstart criminals, setting up their gangs and committing crimes disguised as them to give his customers instant street cred...and his only fee was a cool 40% of all their profits. Now, the Hobgoblin is training heroes and has become a motivational speaker. Deep down he's still a greedy bastard but he's noticed how profitable heroism is. Hopefully, this change will stay part of the post-Axis status quo.

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